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The Argan Project is proud to partner with local companies which share our values in providing sustainable, fair trade and empowering products to our communities.


Solistick is a fellow San Diego-based company that uses our cosmetic argan oil and other ingredients from nature to create products that protect and nourish skin. Their tinted Surf & Sport Face Sick is comprised of high quality, natural ingredients for superb environmental protection that improves skin softness and provides anti-oxidant protection. Solistick educates and inspires people to enjoy life outdoors--and to be mindful of the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of what we put on our skin.

GlobeIn is a California-based company that delivers joy by empowering and connecting remarkable, remote artisans to mindful customers. Their renowned monthly artisan box is curated with products from over 40 countries and benefits thousands of producers from around the world. Our products have been featured in their unique artisan boxes.

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