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Our Story

Our story began with the rural women of Southwest Morocco.

They are our inspiration and the foundation for the work that we do.          

Our Purpose

The Argan Project empowers rural Berber artisans in Morocco with sustainable incomes and greater socioeconomic mobility by sourcing all-natural skincare products and handmade textiles direct from artisanal cooperatives.

Fair Trade & Ethical Business

By partnering with rural communities, The Argan Project strengthens the socioeconomic growth and preserves traditional cultural artistry of Berber Morocco.

The Argan Project collaborates directly with artisans to ensure they receive what they deserve and provides conscientious consumers with the highest quality of Moroccan handicrafts at a fair price.


About the Founder

Renda fell in love with Morocco at her first sip of mint tea. She first lived there as a young liberal arts college student in 2011 where she studied the Moroccan Arabic dialect of Darija. The juxtaposition and diversity of the buzzing medina streets, coupled with its humbled and hospitable people, were clear to Renda that Morocco was exactly where she wanted to be. After her studies, a Fulbright fellowship brought Renda to the southwest coastal city of Agadir where she taught English as a second language to university students. Later Renda worked in Agadir as an ethnographic field-school liaison for international students and aided in several educational and income-generating projects for rural communities in the south of Morocco. In 2015 Renda returned to her hometown of San Diego, Ca to found The Argan Project.