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Our Argan Oil

Argan oil has been extracted from Morocco’s argan trees and enjoyed by locals for centuries.

Our argan oil is freshly pressed in Morocco and is shipped directly to us in San Diego, California.

100% pure and all-natural argan oil straight from the producers to you

How It’s Made

Argan oil production is a technique that is passed down from Berber mothers to their daughters. It is a labor-intensive process that can take up to 20 hours just to produce one liter of oil! This process begins with harvesting argan fruit. The hard fruit is hand-picked from the trees or off the ground after they’ve fallen. The fruit is then manually cracked with a stone to reach the nut inside, which is cracked once more to reveal the seed.
To produce culinary oil, the argan seeds are lightly roasted to bring out the nutty flavor, and are then pressed and filtered.
To produce cosmetic oil, the argan seeds are cold-pressed and filtered in their most natural form.
No additives, just quality oil.